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Detailing Business
Cleaning Company

So you’re starting to get busy, and you need a VA for your Detailing Business?

So you’re starting to get busy, and you need a VA for your Detailing Business? Well guess what? So do I!! Umm, okay, What is ...
Guide To Detailing A Car
Cleaning Company

How to detail a car, part deux-

Welcome back to learning how to detail a car. In part one, you learned the basics. In part 2, its gets a little more hardcore. ...
How Detail A Car Part 1
Cleaning Company

How detail a car- part 1

I started off in this crazy cleaning adventure not by cleaning houses but by cleaning cars. Well actually I started off in this crazy cleaning ...
Clean The Toilet And Tub
Cleaning Company

How to Clean the Toilet and Tub…

Respect your porcelain throne by keeping it clean!! Imagine life without a toilet, and the toilets plumbing and sewage systems. Can you? Neither can I, ...
Hosting Company For Website
Cleaning Company

Picking a hosting company for your website

Welcome back my small business compadres!! So you picked yourself up by the bootstraps and decided to do something positive with your life and start ...
Decide Your Website Builder
Cleaning Company

Not a coder? Here are some Website builders to choose from for your website:

So you decided to press on and start your own Business!! Congratulations, excellent choice. So you’re gonna need a website. A website is essential in ...
How To Clean House
Cleaning Company

How to Clean Your House Fast: Step By Step Guide

Learn how to clean like the pros. Do it right and do it fast, and find one of our favorite checklists!
7 Tips for a Sparkling Clean Home - Even With a Busy Schedule
Cleaning Company

7 Tips for a Sparkling Clean Home – Even With a Busy Schedule

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the time to keep your home clean and organized can be a challenge. With work, family, and social commitments often ...
How To Get Better At Cleaning
Cleaning Company

How to get better at Cleaning?​

This goes out to all my House cleaners (who don’t really need to read this because I already know you kick ass at cleaning), and ...
Startup Costs For A Small Business
Cleaning Company

How Much Money do you really need to start a small business?​

I started a car detailing company back in the day for just $100 dollars…Wrong!! No you didn’t, stop lying to the people. I’ll tell you ...
Cleaning Company
Cleaning Company

So You Want to Start A Cleaning Company?​

Well guess what? I already did!! Sweet, So what do I do? Well first, let me ask you, do you enjoy cleaning? If you answered ...
Guide For Professional House Cleaners
Cleaning Company

Overcoming Challenges: A Guide for Professional House Cleaners and Car Detailers with Neck or Back Injuries…

As a professional house cleaner or car detailer, your work demands on physical strength, endurance, and meticulous attention to detail., but what happens when a ...
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