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How To Get Better At Cleaning

How to get better at Cleaning?​

This goes out to all my House cleaners (who don’t really need to read this because I already know you kick ass at cleaning), and to all my Home owners or renters who want to clean their residences themselves, (even though you should totally hire a professional residential cleaning company like Detail and Clean!!)

Listen, first off, (talking once again to mostly my non professional cleaners) I realize not everyone enjoys cleaning, and when you don’t enjoy cleaning, it’s hard to be good at cleaning. I get it, sometimes there’s definitely days when I’d rather be building or gardening than cleaning, wait, I do those things already as well, but I digress, point is, I get it, sometimes cleaning just sucks gigantic donkey balls. Over the years though, I’ve learned some crucial tactics to get me motivated to clean. Trust me I understand how hard it can be to do something you’re not very fond of. See, as I mentioned before, I actually enjoy cleaning and sometimes I still don’t want to clean, I can only imagine how hard it is for people who actually dread cleaning, but that’s who this blog post is for.

To begin with, lets’ get your mind right. Like Trinity in the Matrix, tell yourself to get up. Just do it, I think someone has said that mantra before. Play a game with your mind, do some meditation. Do push ups to get yourself motivated. Make it a fun game, tell your brain how fun your cleaning day is going to be. Basically do whatever it takes to trick your mind into liking the act of cleaning. Just think of how rewarding it will be when you’re finished cleaning your house and it is sparkling, think of the end goal. Sure cleaning is physical work, but the hardest part about cleaning is the mental aspect. So get your mind right and make your house shine!!

Now that you’re motivated to clean, and pretending that you enjoy the act of cleaning, I’m going to tell you how I train my cleaners to clean. My methods are influenced by the great cleaning guru Melissa Maker from Clean my Space. If you’ve never seen her before, check out her out at Clean my Space on YouTube. I was pretty much cleaning the exact same way as her, she just happened to turn it into a teachable science. She uses a Three Part System to break down the clean in each room. One room at a time is absolutely the best way to tackle your whole house cleaning adventure. Part one of her system is the organizing and the decluttering phase. For instance, if you were starting in the kitchen or bathroom, you would want to make sure everything is off the counter tops that doesn’t belong there, and organized and put away. That way you have an empty canvas to clean. Part two of her system is the actual cleaning. This is where you’ll use your all purpose cleaner, or baking soda or vinegar mix to wipe down the counter tops. (Note to readers: Never, Ever, Ever use vinegar on marble counter tops!!!) The cleaning part lesson can certainly be more detailed, but for the purpose of this blog post, we’ll keep it simple. Part three is when you’ll clean or vacuum your floors. Guess what? You just cleaned a room with ease. On to the next.

Remember my friends, when you’re cleaning and don’t really enjoy it, try to stay positive and grateful. Enjoy the moment. This can be attitude can also be used in other areas of your life as well. You don’t particularly enjoy shoveling snow? Change up your attitude, enjoy the moment, be one with the snow. Perception my friends, perception. Now go be one with the clean. That does it for me today.

Btw, the World doesn’t need anymore Agitation…

So why be mean, when you can clean.

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