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Clean The Toilet And Tub

How to Clean the Toilet and Tub…

Respect your porcelain throne by keeping it clean!!

Imagine life without a toilet, and the toilets plumbing and sewage systems. Can you? Neither can I, but guess what? If history is true, then our ancestors could, because allegedly they didn’t have toilets, or pipes, or sewage plants. Oh no, my friends, they had buckets, and the waste in those buckets were tossed out their windows into the streets. So next time life is getting you down, just remember that at least your streets aren’t covered in human poooooooooooooo. So because of this toilet thingy, in the grand scheme of things, life ain’t so bad, therefore I believe your toilet deserves your respect. So how do you respect your porcelain throne? You keep it clean, that’s how. Not only that, but you’re doing yourself and your family a great service by cleaning your toilet pretty regularly. There’s good bacteria and bad, and the bacteria that hangs out around your toilet tends to be pretty evil. So what is the best way to clean your toilet? I’m glad you asked. This is how I train my employees to clean our client’s toilets. Lets get to it…

First, you’re going to need an all purpose cleaner, an enzyme cleaner, a toilet bowl cleaner, a toilet brush, a scouring stick, a toothbrush designated for only cleaning toilets, and disposable paper towels. Next, begin by spraying down the toilet and around the bottom of the toilet floor generously with all purpose cleaner and then an enzyme cleaner. Inside of the toilet apply toilet cleaner around the rim and underneath the rim of the toilet bowl. Let all of those sit for a couple minutes. After about two minutes, use your toothbrush to scrub in between the cracks and the crevices of the toilet. You can then wipe down the entirety of the toilet and around the base of the toilet floor with your paper towels. Try to use your paper towels sparingly, for environmental purposes, and dispose of them right away when you’re done. Next, use your toilet brush to scrub inside and under the rim of the toilet bowl. If you have stains inside your toilet bowl, you can use a scouring stick. That’s a two dollar investment that I guarantee will remove any stain inside your toilet. After scrubbing inside your toilet with your toilet brush, you can put down the toilet seat on top of the brush and let the scrub side of the brush rest inside the toilet bowl to dry out. That’s it. It’s that easy. You did it, you’ve cleaned your toilet, and it thanks you!! Keep respecting your toilet, and I promise you, it will respect you back.

And let’s not forget how to Clean the Bathtub…

Ahhh the ‘Ol Tub. The place where you can go to rest and relax your bones in warm tranquil water and then soap down your meat suit after a long hard days work. Cleanliness is Godliness they say, so in order to clean yourself up, it helps to clean the tub down. Myself, I stand in the shower, but whether you’re a shower person or the type of person who likes to lay in the bathtub, lets get that area clean for you.

If your tile and grout looks like it’s from Trainspotting’s worst bathroom in Scotland, an awesome YouTuber, Kathryn from Do it on a Dime, has an excellent solution. Pick up some Clorox Clinging Beach Gel toilet bowl cleaner at your local supermarket, slop it all over each individual grout line and let it sit for 30 minutes. I know, it sounds weird using toilet bowl cleaner in your bathtub, but just trust us. When you’ve waited 30 minutes, scrub it down with a hard bristle brush. Remember to where a mask and open the windows. Bleach can be rough on the lungs. Finally, wash the Bleach gel off with warm water, and boom, good as new. If your bathtub area isn’t as bad as Freddy Kreugers, you can just use all purpose cleaner, or a baking soda/vinegar mix and scrub the walls and tub in a Z formation.

Now, if you have shower doors rather than a shower curtain, and your doors look like they have a soap scum infestation, another great YouTuber, Lizzet from Life with Lizzet, says to mix together a cup of Dawn dish soap and a cup of white vinegar and wipe those dirty doors down generously. Afterwards, spray them down with warm water, then wipe off the excess solution with glass cleaner and paper towels, do a shake and a twist, and voila, your shower doors will be looking like the frickin Louvre in Paris. Here comes the fun part. You get to hop on in your new and improved bathtub and relax until you turn into a Looney Pruney Preservative Free California Pitted Prune.

Until next time my cleaning friends.

Btw, the World doesn’t need anymore Agitation…

So why be mean, when you can clean.

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