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Picking a hosting company for your website

Welcome back my small business compadres!! So you picked yourself up by the bootstraps and decided to do something positive with your life and start a business, congratulations, you are a creator, and possibly soon a job supplier, and you’re overall, a brave soul. You will be rewarded. So you have your business name, and your website. Now in order for your website to function on the world wide web, you’re going to have to get yourself a website hosting service. Sounds a bit scary I know, and time consuming, but don’t you worry, I’ve done the research for you and hopefully will be able to influence you to choose the perfect website host. Now this is assuming you’re using the best website builder ever, WordPress. I got some astonishing help and tips from an awesome youtuber, Darrel Wilson. He’s an absolute WordPress genius and has some great discounts on his channel as well. Alright, here you go…

Bluehost- Bluehost is owned by EIG…ahhh EIG, the Walmart of website hosting. EIG buys up the Ma and Pa website hosting shops and then waters them down. Very Corporate America.

Hostgator- Hostgator is also owned by EIG. These big companies have a lot of money to pay big time bloggers to promote their product but they don’t really come through in the long run.

Knownhost- Knownhost’s design is ancient and their support is pretty rough, but their downtime and discounts are incredible.

Hostinger- Hostinger has unlimited bandwidth, their servers are light speed and they’re cheap, but their terms and conditions are a bit shady…apparently they claim to have the right to own your WordPress content.

Liquid web- Liquid web is the best managed hosting site and has the best storage on this list. So guess what that means? You get what you pay for? That’s right, its the most expensive company on this list, but the best most expensive company on this list.

Cloudways- Cloudways has unbelievable quick speed and downtime but it’s very expensive and technical.

Siteground- Siteground has quick speeds and not bad of a downtime. It’s also cheaper than A2 hosting but their renewal fees are significantly higher. This is the company I use, mostly because of their excellent customer support.

Greengeeks- Greengeeks used to be the fastest hosting and cheapest company on this list, but unfortunately, not anymore.

A2- A2 has quick speeds and not a bad price, but it doesn’t have the greatest downtime.

Godaddy- Godaddy barely meets google standards and has terrible downtime. They’re basically another EIG company in the web hosting game.

Inmotion- Inmotion has the slowest speed and downtime. Yikes.

WPEngine- WPEngine has the second fastest speed on this list but it’s also the second most expensive company on this list, and unlike Liquid web, the storage provided isn’t that much.

Namehero- Namehero is worth checking out and surprisingly very cheap, but only if you purchase a long haul plan.

Ipage- Ipage is also owned by EIG. Admittedly it’s cheap, but the service is terrible.

Hostpoppa- Hostpoppa unfortunately downgraded their servers, not sure what’s happening there.

WPXhosting- WPXhosting has the quickest speed on this list but their downtime is lacking. Just a warning, this web hosting company is for technical pros only.

Well there you have it. I know it’s extremely overwhelming to pick a web hosting company. Shoot, I had an anxiety attack just researching them. Thanks again to Darrel Wilson for providing me with some of the incredible information so I could provide it to you. No website hosting company is perfect, that’s for darn sure…some excel in the technical aspects, some excel in speed, some excel in customer service, some excel in corporate America, some don’t excel at all, but the cool thing is, there’s a website hosting company out there for everyone, depending on your needs. Have a great day, and until next time…

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