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So you’re starting to get busy, and you need a VA for your Detailing Business?

So you’re starting to get busy, and you need a VA for your Detailing Business?

Well guess what?

So do I!!

Umm, okay, What is a VA?

Don’t worry, I asked the same question when I found out about the wonderful underground world of the VA, and so did a lot of other people.

What is this 1995? I wish, nope its crazy 2021, and I’m serious. Most people today still don’t know what the heck a VA is!!

Alright already, what’s a VA?

Ahhh, glad you finally asked.

A VA is a Virtual Assistant.

So an administrative assistant?

NOOOO. A Virtual Assistant is a person who works independently, usually from home, helping and assisting entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers with administrative, business development, social media, marketing and creative tasks in order to free up more time for their clients. Remember time is by far the greatest obstacle in the business world, and I would say the greatest obstacle in life as well, but that’s a whole nother post altogether. (see my other Blog, are we really here? Jk, and is nother really a word? You decide…

So a glorified administrative assistant?

Leave administrative assistants out of this, not that there’s anything wrong with being an administrative assistant.

And a virtual assistant can definitely play the role of an administrative assistant, or they can go beyond those duties. Like way beyond. Sure one day maybe you’re booking a flight for your client or confirming a business appointment, but other days you could be designing a logo for a brand new business, or taking minute notes in a meeting. Basically what I’m saying to you is…the sky’s the limit.

Studies” say that most people these days will have up to twelve different jobs in their lifetime. I’ve had eighty. Okay fine, probably not that many, but I’ve had a lot. I’m not gonna lie. I just love exploring the different options of the workplace. It truly fascinates me. I’ve worked in restaurants…I was a cook, a dishwasher, a busser, a food runner, a server, a bartender, a trainer, and a manager. I’ve been a photojournalist, a Christmas tree salesman, and a trash man. I maintained golf courses, been an administrative assistant, a loan officer assistant, a life insurance salesman, and a copy writer. I’ve been a logo designer, a web designer and a business owner. I was a janitor and a parcel engineer. I’ve been a youtuber, a comedy blogger and wrote a novel. I’ve been a thespian, a musician, and a club dj. I’ve delivered pizzas and drove for a transportation network company. My Mom was a Nurse for forty years and my Sister is a Nurse too, so I’m basically a Nurse as well. (I wish!!)

Sure I’ve never been to Med school or became an Engineer (My Dad did) but I have some experiences in the work place. I know how to get things done, and adapt, and communicate with my fellow human, but there came a time in my life where I was stuck…like a week ago. I was stuck in a sticky web of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. What was I going to do with my life? I’m not getting any younger (remember time?)

Sitting at my computer staring into the abyss of my computer screen, I had my God moment. What if I could combine all of my life professions and experiences and turn them into a service? I got giddy and excited.

So you became a VA?

No silly, I started a detailing business, because I’m weird and I love cleaning, and I’ve always had the entrepreneurial bug, but this isn’t about me, this is about the VA super heroes. I knew exactly what I would be looking for in a VA and I knew I would eventually need to hire one, so off I went into the great blue VA yonder. I knew my business was gonna be the best, and the best are always busy, so I had to be prepared!! Anyway, the masses definitely don’t give VA’s enough credit. A good VA could make or break your company. They are the back bone of the behind the scenes. So getting back to the sky’s the limit, what specifically can VA’s do for a detailing business?

-You could hire them as a manager. Get yourself a right hand man or woman, your #1. They could interview, hire and train your detailers. They could setup the training schedule, background checks and distribute paperwork (W2s, Safety data sheets, non compete clause and non solicitation agreements.)

-You could hire them as a designer. Someone who is experienced with creating logos, business cards, flyers, fridge magnets and Tshirt designs. A designer who knows their way around web hosting and wordpress, perhaps can construct online ads, and can create sliders and original illustrations.

-You could hire them as a bookkeeper. Some who can speak the bookkeeping language. A person who is certified in Quickbooks and fluent in Excel. Someone who can use a payroll service like Gusto and a organizing service like Asana, and know the difference between tax writeoffs vs tax deductions. An able body who knows the difference between debits aka Assets, and draws, and expenses, and accounts received vs credit aka Liabilities, and equity, and revenue, and accounts payable.

-If your referalls are lacking, you could always hire them as an SEO jedi master. Someone who knows the inside scoop of Google Ads and marketing, ProAds, keywords, landing pages, email marketing, and SKAGS. They could setup Google reviews for you and send a direct link to your clients to hopefully leave your Cleaning Company a five star review easily. They could email your clients funny cleaning tips or tips about pollen. Whatever you want, just remember to not be annoying!!

You could even hire someone who also wants to detail. Kill two birds with one stone. The list could quite possibly be endless, but for now I just wanted to give you a taste of what a VA is capable of. The days of an assistant just answering phones are gone. Hire a VA today. Treat them right, and your business will absolutely change for the better!!

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